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High Impact Acid Solutions offers tailored solutions to the Acid Plant industry. As part of their one stop service for all Acid Plant requirements and to complement their Acid Plant Maintenance services, they developed a state of the art software program that can measure and track attrition within the plant.

Brahan Seer Attrition Software

  • Is cloud based, hosted securely by High Impact Acid Solutions
  • Data is securely uploaded automatically when Wi-Fi or cell signal is available
  • Covers the complete acid plant’s equipment
  • Is specific to the individual plant requirements
  • Datum points will be determined and marked up permanently to ensure accurate data is recorded at all times
  • Reports are generated automatically and sent to a pre-determined email list; these can include photos, or as much data as required, or can be very simple as per below with all the required information included for the reader
  • Warning emails will be also sent instantly as soon as the data is collected to the email list, if data collected is outside of pre-determined parameters
  • Graphs are generated automatically for each part measured to enable visual indication of attrition. These graphs can be set up to the individual plant’s requirement such as data shown or type of graph displayed; they will then be generated after every inspection for instant tracking of the plant’s performance and equipment. Mile stones can also be added and highlighted when events occur such as planned shutdowns or process excursions
  • Removes the guess work, tracks the attrition of the plant and enables managers to accurately plan budgeting for the parts of the plant that require it

Summary of the benefits of the program are as follows:

  • The program is cloud based
  • Data uploaded automatically when Wi-Fi is available
  • Data is secured on uploading
  • Covers the complete Plant’s equipment
  • Has permanent selected Datum Points
  • Text can’t be changed once uploaded which ensures the integrity of the program
  • Data is only available to CR and the client
  • The program will save money by identifying problems at an early stage, reducing turnaround time and therefore costs
  • Improve efficiency in management of personnel and equipment more effectively through forward planning
  • Accurate recording giving the ability to predict upcoming maintenance
  • Budget accuracy, knowing the required maintenance to formulate turnaround and maintenance budgets
  • Production efficiency, being pro-active when it comes to plant performance

High Impact Acid Solutions offer a variety of methods to measure the attrition of the plant including Thermography, using the latest thermal imaging cameras.

Types of data collected are only limited to the imagination, the App can be set up to measure and record any type of data. Some of this can be as follows:

  • Boolean Value (yes or no)
  • Selection on a scale, (any range can be added)
  • Data entry
  • Percentage
  • Number entry, can be in any units, temperature, mm, cm, m, weight, length, area, mass, amps, megahertz, gigahertz or even frequency to name a few

To find out more about this state of the art software and how it can benefit your Acid Plant, please contact .